Library Service Policy


The Library Board in consultation with the Director and the Branch Managers shall set the service hours for the library, taking into account the local community needs, highest potential usage and requirements of State standards.


For closures due to inclement weather or emergencies, local media will be notified and, if possible, the closure will be posted on the library web site ( and Facebook page.


Resident and Non-Resident

Anyone who lives, works, attends school or owns property in Hawkins County or who lives within fifty (50) miles of Hawkins County is eligible to borrow materials from any library in the Hawkins County Library System.  All patrons must fill out an official Application Card*.  Adults must provide valid photo identification with a current, legal address. Examples of acceptable identification are Driver’s license; Passport; or Student ID card. If photo identification does not have correct address, another form of ID will be required. An example would be a utility bill with their current address. Patrons below the age of 18 must complete a Juvenile Application Card** which must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.

*Adult Application Card Example

Adult Card

**Juvenile Application Card Example

Juvenile Card

Children who are at least five years of age and are able to print their name may be issued a library card.

There is no charge for the first (1st) library card; however a replacement card is $5.00.

The Staff has the discretion to issue a temporary card (which remains in the library) to visiting residents who have the appropriate identification.

Responsibilities of borrowers

Borrowers may only check out items on their own card.

Parents are wholly responsible for monitoring the appropriateness of materials their children check out. Library staff members will not restrict the circulation of materials based on age with the exception of videos.  No one under the age of 18 will be allowed to check out videos unless the parent or legal guardian granted permission on the juvenile’s application card.  Permission will be noted on the minor’s computer record.  Parents are responsible for maintaining the physical condition of the books and materials checked out by their children including loss, damage or overdue.

Materials access policy

New users and visitors with temporary cards may only check out two (2) items at a time for the first checkout.  After the first checkout, borrowers are limited to 15 items each, including three videos, three items by the same author and three non-fiction titles per topic, per card.

Reference material may be loaned overnight with the approval of the Branch Manager. Reference materials must be returned the next day. Materials located in the Genealogy Room may not be checked out.

Inter Library Loans

Materials may be requested for patrons from other libraries through the Statewide Courier service or other sources.

Materials may be inter-library loaned to other libraries for one month, with the exception of best sellers, books published within the year, reference books, local history and genealogy.  Some material may be photocopied or scanned. Patrons must pay for any ILL materials they lose.  Patrons are limited to three (3) ILL items at a time and must pay for any ILL items they lose.


Borrowers may only check out items on their own card.

Loan period

Books, audiobooks, magazines, technology devices and unique materials (games, kits, etc.) are loaned for a period of fourteen days. Videos are loaned for seven days.


Books, audiobooks, DVDs, and magazines may be renewed no more than twice. Technology devices and unique materials (games, kits, etc.) may only be renewed once. They may be renewed in person, by phone at any branch or on-line at They may not be renewed if they are on reserve for another patron.

Confidentiality of Records

See the Hawkins County Public Library Privacy Policy (Addendum Number 1)

Reserved Materials

Items are reserved on the patron’s library record. Patrons will have three days from being notified to check out the material.  Items not picked up in three days will be passed on to the next patron requesting them.

Charges for services, fines, fees

Overdue fines

Fines are charged only on days the library is open for business. Fines for overdue books, audiobooks, and magazines is $0.15 per item per day. Videos are $1.00 per day the library is open per Video, not to exceed $10.00 per Video.  Technology devices and uniques materials have a fine of $1.00 per day. The maximum overdue fine is $2.00 for a mass market paperback book, $2.00 each for periodicals, $5.00 each for regular books.  An individual with fines totaling $5.00 or more may not borrow materials until all fines and costs are paid.

Notice of overdue videos will be given within one day of the due date.  Notice of other overdue materials will be given within one week of the due date.  Notice may be given by telephone, E-Mail, postcard, or letter at the discretion of the Branch Manager.  Materials not returned within one month of the date of the notice will be marked as lost and the patron assessed the cost of the item.

Tennessee Code Annotated (10-3-108) grants the Library Board the power to make and enforce rules providing penalties for loss of or injury to library property.  Library users may be charged reasonable fines for late-returned materials and charged fees for special services.

Appropriate legal action may be taken at the discretion of the Hawkins County Library Board.

Lost or damaged materials

The Director or Branch Manager determines the condition of all materials.

If library material is lost or damaged to the point it is unusable, the customer will be expected to pay the full price and may keep the material.

If material is damaged and is still usable, a reasonable charge will be made by the patron and the material will continue to be circulated.

If material is not returned or paid for, and its value is $5.00 or greater, the patron will not be allowed to check out any material.

Revised January 9, 2017 and October 2, 2017


The Hawkins County Library System offers proctoring for students taking exams, subject to staffing limitations.

The TWRA Boating Safety Exam study materials are available at the libraries and patrons may use library computers to take this exam.

H.B. Stamps Library’s Juno Altom Genealogy room has Microfilm Readers and more than 500 rolls of microfilm of newspapers, court records and other information of interest to researchers, as well as many books and genealogies of local families. Guests are directed to the Hawkins County Genealogical and Historical Society also.  The Church Hill and Surgoinsville libraries also have small collections of genealogical material. See Addendum Number 2 for the policy for the Juno Altom Room


See the Hawkins County Library System Internet Access Policy. (Addendum Number 3)



Charges for sending and receiving faxes are $1.00 per page.

Black and white copies are twenty-five cents (.25) per side.

Color copies are $1.00 per side.


The library buildings and grounds are to be used for library-related purposes only.


See the Hawkins County Library System Code of Conduct. (Addendum Number 4)


The Director and/or Branch Manager may use the services of volunteer workers. The Director and/ or Branch Manager may also choose temporary workers funded by other agencies. The Director and/or Branch Manager may reject volunteer or temporary workers deemed unable to meet the library’s standards or policies.

Adopted by the Hawkins County Library System Board of Trustees December 1, 2014.

Revised June 2016