Library Code of Conduct

Hawkins County Library System

Library Code of Conduct

Addendum #4 to the Library Service User Policy

Adopted 11/02/2015

Revised 6/27/2016

Library Code of Conduct

The Board of Trustees of the Hawkins County Public Library system has established the following code of library conduct to ensure everyone’s use of the library is as pleasant and beneficial as possible at all times.  The Library Board and library employees avidly support the library’s role as a public institution open to all people.  Our services are offered free of bias and favoritism.  Observation of this code will enable everyone to fully enjoy the library, its services and materials in a pleasant and safe environment.

  1. Children 10 and under must be supervised by a parent or an adult caregiver.
  2. Parents and/or caregivers of minors are expected to pick them up before the library closes.  Minors left unattended will be subject to laws of the state of Tennessee.
  3. Use of a cell phone in a way that does not disturb others is permitted.
  4. Well behaved pets on a lead or in arms are permitted.
  5. Food and covered beverages are permitted in designated areas or during approved library sponsored events.
  6. All kinds of tobacco products, e-cigarettes, alcohol, weapons, and drugs (illicit or illegal) are strictly prohibited at any library facility or event.
  7. Selling or soliciting services, except fund raising by library Friends groups, should be conducted off library property.
  8. Use of obscene or abusive language and/or disorderly conduct shall result in that person(s) being asked to vacate the premises.  Local law enforcement may be contacted to apprise them of the situation.
  9. Threats or acts of violence will result in the immediate contact of law enforcement and may result in a permanent exclusion from the library.
  10. Appropriate attire including shoes and shirts must be worn while in the library.
  11. Persons with personal hygiene which constitutes a hazard to other persons shall be asked to leave the building.
  12. Use of skates, skateboards or similar devices is prohibited on library property.
  13. Strictly prohibited are: illegal acts or conduct in violation of Federal, State or local laws, ordinances or regulations.
  14. Civility and respect for others’ rights and feelings is expected of everyone.
  15. Reasonable care will be taken to maintain the Library, materials and equipment so it may be used and enjoyed by everyone.

The public library is the most inclusive, democratic and open of all public institutions.  Your support of and compliance with this code will help ensure that the library maintains this enviable position and that it continues to carry out its mission of service to all.