Internet/Wi-Fi/Computer Use Policy

Addendum # 3 to the Library Service Policy

Technology Use Policy

The Hawkins County Library System is committed to its role in serving the information needs of all its citizens.  The internet is another resource to provide the community with access to information and materials not physically available in the library.  Patrons should be aware that not all sources on the internet provide information that is accurate, complete, current, legal, or philosophically acceptable to all citizens.  Some information on the internet may not meet the library’s collection development standards.

PROCEDURES:  To use a desktop computer, ask for a PIN.  For Library owned Laptops and other electronic devices, refer to the Laptop/Portable Electronic Device Policy (Addendum #6).  All those who use library owned equipment as well as all who use their personal equipment to access the internet, must read and accept the agreement on the computer screen. A flash drive may be used to save your work.  Library Staff will determine if other devices may be used on Library computers.  When your session ends the computer is automatically wiped clean.

TIME LIMITS:  Library Desktops-Sixty (60) minutes per session, if others are waiting for access.  If you require additional time, you must notify staff before you begin your session, or no later than ten (10) minutes before your time is up.  The computer automatically disconnects when the session ends.

  • Library Laptops- Four (4) hours per session.  Time may be extended at the discretion of the staff.
  • Library Portable Electronic Devices- Four (4) hours per Session unless the device has a built in time limit.
  • Wi-Fi on Personal Devices- Two (2) hours per session.  The library reserves the right to disconnect any device as needed to provide all patrons the opportunity to access the wireless connection.

FILTERS:  Because the Hawkins County Library System accepts E-Rate discounts and LSTA Funding, it is required to comply with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). (TCA 39-17-911).  Specifically, the Hawkins County Library System uses filters on all its computers and on its Wi-Fi access to prevent access by minors to pornographic and inappropriate material that may be harmful to them.  Individuals 17 years old or older may request that the filter on a library computer be turned off.  However, all computer users should be aware that since the computer screens are visible to others, they cannot be considered private.  The library makes no claim that its filtering software is foolproof.  The library will have no liability for damages relating to the operation or failure of the filtering software.

 SAFETY AND SECURITY:  The library’s Wi-Fi connection is not secure.   Patrons using their personal devices to access the library’s Wi-Fi connection are responsible for installing virus protection, firewalls, or other measure to protect their personal information.  The risks involved in using a public wireless connection include hacking, viruses, worms, malware and identity theft.  The library is not responsible for any damage, loss, or theft that may occur as a result of your use of the library’s internet and /or wireless access.

All internet users should educate themselves on measures to safeguard their personal information and privacy on the internet.  The library has materials available to assist you in the safe use of the internet.  Staff will also help you search on-line for up-to-date information on internet safety and security measures.

You must keep your personal devices with you at all times.  Library staff are not responsible for the safety of your equipment.  Personal devices may only be connected to surge protected outlets at designated areas in the library.  This is to avoid potential trip hazards or other safety problems.

Parents or legal guardians of juveniles, not the library staff, are responsible for their children’s use of the internet.  The library encourages them to educate their children on safety when using electronic mail, chat rooms, social media sites, Skype, and other forms of electronic communications.  The library will have educational materials available and from time to time will offer programs on internet safety.  Parents or guardians are encouraged to supervise their children’s internet sessions.

UNACCEPTABLE USE:  Those who use the library’s internet connections, computers and devices, both adults and minors, are prohibited from: (a) unauthorized access, or “hacking” (b) unauthorized disclosure, use and dissemination of personal information regarding minors (c) viewing pornographic, violent or hate sites or any site that teaches or promotes illegal activity (d) using library equipment and internet connections to commit illegal activities (e) violation of computer system security, software licensing agreements or network usage policies and regulations (f) damaging or altering hardware or software (g) activities that disrupt library patrons or staff.

PRINTING:  Black and white and color printing is available from the library’s desktop and laptop computers.  Please ask staff to turn on the printer if you are printing from the library’s laptop.  Black and white printing is available from the library laptop computers. If you wish to print in color from a laptop computer, you must also save your work to a flash drive and ask staff to print it. If you wish to print from your personal device, you must save your work to a flash drive.  Staff will then be able to print it for you.

TROUBLESHOOTING PERSONAL DEVICES:  Library staff may provide limited technical assistance in configuring your device with the understanding that library staff is not liable for any damage.  For all else please refer to your device’s documentation for details on how to use it and how to access wireless.

COMPLIANCE: Library staff reserves the right to ensure compliance with this policy.  Customers violating the policy shall be prohibited from future access to the computers and /or internet.


Addendum #3. a  to the Library Service Policy

Library Owned Technology Device In Library Usage


  • Laptop computers and portable electronic devices (PEDs) can only be checked out by patrons in good standing with a Hawkins County Library System Card (H.B. Stamps Library; Church Hill Library; Surgoinsville Library). The library card must be left at the circulation desk while the item is checked out.
  • The laptop/PED can only be used in designated areas inside the library building.  Under no circumstances is the borrower to leave the laptop/PED unattended.
  • If a laptop/PED checked out for In Library usage  is removed from the building, the police will be notified and the borrower will be denied future borrowing privileges. 
  • Patrons who have fines over $5.00 are ineligible to check out a laptop/PED. 
  • A patron may borrow only one laptop/PED at a time. 
  • Laptops/PEDs are available on a first come, first served basis.  They may not be reserved in advance.  Laptops/PEDs will not be checked out less than one hour before the library closes. 
  • Laptops/PEDs may be checked out for four (4) hours at a time. Time may be extended at the discretion of the staff. Laptops/PEDs must be returned to staff at the circulation desk 30 minutes before the library closes.
  • Borrowers may not install software or alter, delete, or copy any software on the laptop/PED or change its existing configuration. 
  • Borrowers must use a flash drive to save their work or send it via an email attachment.  When the computer is turned off, the files are automatically deleted. 
  • Black and white printing from the laptops is available through a wireless connection. For color copies, save your work to a flash drive and staff will print it. Fees are charged for all copies. 
  • The borrower has full responsibility and fiscal liability for all costs associated with damage to the laptop computer/PED or its associated peripheral equipment during the period it is checked out or its replacement costs should it be lost or stolen. 
  • The Hawkins County Library System is not responsible for damage to any removable device or loss of data that may occur due to malfunctioning hardware or software.

 Adopted by the Hawkins County Library system Board of Trustees March 2, 2015.

Revised and Approved June 2018