H. B. Stamps Memorial Library Rogersville

H. B. Stamps Memorial Library
H. B. Stamps Memorial Library

The H.B. Stamps Memorial Library was the first substantive library in the city of Rogersville. Previous to the opening of the H.B. Stamps Memorial Library, the first library in Rogersville was organized in the month of July 1941.

In 1975, the H.B. Stamps Library Board and the Hawkins County Library Board merged and purchased land for a new library. The purchase of the Kenner property located at 407 East Main Street was successful and a grant for $54,000 was received for the building of a new library and community center. The new H.B. Stamps Memorial Library was opened on November 9, 1980.

The library houses over 25,000 items including books, magazines, audio books, DVDs, and videos as well as 9 public access computers. The library also offers copier and fax services along with interlibrary loans, children and teen programs, an adult book group, and two knitting groups.   We also offer Notary Service.  Contact Nicky Needham for times when the Notary is available.  The Library is located on the corners of Main Street and Clay Street in Downtown Rogersville, TN.

Hours: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 9:00-5:00
Tuesday & Thursday 9:00-8:00
Saturday 9:00-1:00


Carolyn Gardner, Business Manager

Sarah Evans, Children’s Librarian

Rose Lapp, Library Assistant

Joan Davis, Library Assistant

Cecilia Gunnell, Library Assistant

Ernie Murray, Library Assistant

Nicky Needham, Library Assistant/ILL

Peggy Holt, Library Assistant/ILL

Phone: 423.272.8710

Fax: 423.272.9261

Email: hbslib@gmail.com

ILL Email:  h.b.stampsill@gmail.com